Study Tours

Study Tours

We at Victories Education are also organizing study tour to provide an insight of the schools and education in Victoria, Australia. We are welcoming you to be part of this excursion to participate in classes, events, students’ gatherings and extracurricular activities. This gives students a glimpse of live experience and comprehensive understanding about the daily routine they will be enrolled.

Selecting the Right School

We have selected 102 most certified secondary schools (90 schools in Melbourne and 12 schools in the region of Victoria). These selected schools are assessed on a regular basis to sustain their high quality of education. You can choose the right school to undertake depending on the subjects, locations, and special programs offered that interest you.

School Fees

If you are concern about the cost, we also provide a list of breakdown fee structure for your convenience. Click on the link below to download the list on Schools and their estimated fee range. This will provide you an overview and help you budget your fund accordingly.

How Do I Sign Up For This?

We have limited our study tour due to immense response. If you are looking to be part of it, sign up early so we can make all the early arrangements for you. Please download the application form and submit your particulars. You will be receiving a call from one of our consultants to brief you.

What I Will Need

Before applying, do a quick check on the academic and English language entry requirements that is required by your selected school. You will also be asked to prepare specific documents as part of your application process:-

  • Visa pages of your passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • English language test results e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or a supporting letter from your school.