Singapore may seem small on the world map, nevertheless is recognized for its quality and efficient land, sea and air transport system. Singapore has high standard of living and learning especially in the field of information technology and management. Universities in Singapore are recognized for their degrees at an affordable cost. Individual can acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in a competitive environment. Education system is ranked amongst the best in terms of the abiliity to meet the needs of competitive Global economy. Singapore education systems prepares individual for the workforce after graduating with knowledge and relevant skill to stay competitive. Singapore is a multi-cultural society of Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians living together. You meet a variety of people from different cultural backgrounds introducing you to new ways of things. It also teaches you self-reliance and independence.

Education System

As a world leader in research and innovation, Singapore stands as a premier education hub with its world class universities offering international students quality education at an affordable cost. Singapore had earned the third place in the 2013 QS Best Student Cities thus reflecting the country’s combination of highly ranked universities and schools along with a diverse student community and high quality of life. Singapore offers students of all ages a unique learning experience as they receive a perfect blend of social, cultural and educational mix. Quite a number of students these days are opting to study in Singapore.


Singapore offers the sophistication of modern living making the country truly vibrant and cosmopolitan. Although Singapore is westernised it still has its Asian touch to it. In addition, Singapore is well known for its high standards of cleanliness and tight security. Student hostels are rented exclusively to students with valid student pass. The arrangement will be made by us before the student leaves their homeland. These hostels are managed by professional caretakers and they go by a strict rule. Living Expenses (SGD $)

  • 750 SGD$ to 2000 SGD$ a month

Student Visa

After receiving the admission letter from the university, the student may consult the Victories Educational Resources consultants on the visa application process and other services. We will also go through the immigration and arrival process with the student. There is a specific process for students under 18 years of age and for those for intend on taking the homestay program, which will be advised by our consultants.