New Zealand


New Zealand may be best known for its stunning countryside, a population of 4.4 million who enjoy classy wine and herds of sheep. However, with study costs, financial aid and post-graduation employment prospects emerging as highly important factors in choosing a destination, New Zealand is gradually drawing itself towards the centre stage of international education. The education model adopted by New Zealand has fundamental principles taken from the UK institutions and hence is research and practical oriented. The New Zealand Government is investing heavily in its education sector with projections of international enrolments increasing by 2025 to more than double of what they are today. The broad range of study and research opportunities is also boosting their presence in the global marketplace. Moreover, 7 of the 8 universities have consistently featured in the top 500 Universities across the globe. This is why more and more students are choosing to study in New Zealand.

Education System

New Zealand education is a British-based education system which goes through a quality channel assured by the New Zealand government. An excellent high quality education system which is recognized worldwide at an affordable cost. Major employers around the world recognize New Zealand qualification thus employ their graduates. During their degree program students can do a credit transfer to other affiliated universities like a twining program. Also, student can continue a postgraduate program in another country. Students will be given a work permit to do their training after their course.

Living accommodation

New Zealand is one of the safest place to live in the world. People here are very friendly and are welcoming to outsiders. The economy is stable and the cost of living is low, making it a very comfortable place to study and stay. The country is beautiful and their support for International Students are among the best in the world. There are options like staying with a host family, living in the hostels and taking a room or sharing a unit with other students. Please seek advice from your consultant before making a decision. Accommodation (NZ $)

  • Private Halls (Self Catered) – $14,400
  • Private Halls (Fully Catered) – $15,000
  • Apartment (Depending on location) – $14,600


After receiving the admission letter from the university, the student may consult the Victories Educational Resources consultants on the visa application process and other services. We will also go through the immigration and arrival process with the student. There is a specific process for students under 18 years of age and for those for intend on taking the homestay program, which will be advised by our consultants.